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Order Notification and Processing

Recently our website has not been reporting orders to team members as it has in the past. We have transitioned to a manual process. This technical problem has resulted in some orders being missed in the past few weeks.

First and Foremost we apologize for this. To all customers placing orders from here forward, we are being very vigilant to check our order system and make sure cakes are delivered on time. Refunds are given in any situation where a cake is not delivered on the requested day.

New Ordering Policies have been drafted and can be found in their latest revision here: Ordering Policy Fall 2014

Assorted Cupcakes are amazing!

We just delivered 4 dozen assorted cupcakes today and they were amazing! In addition to a mix of chocolate, pink lemonade, vanilla, we delivered:

“Chocolate covered strawberry!” Hot fudge drizzled over milk chocolate icing on top of a fluffy little strawberry cake.

I almost cried when I realized we forgot to take a picture!!!

Our bakery is coming up with awesome cupcakes every day. They tell us they love trying new amazing recipes for our customers!

Assorted Cupcakes!

We have worked out a new offering with our bakery that will be great for us and our customers.

Assorted dozens of cupcakes can now be ordered.

The bakery makes 3-6 different types of cupcakes fresh each day. We will offer a dozen cupcakes with the day’s flavors selected evenly among the dozen.

Example Possible Cupcake Flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • German Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Lime

Open for Orders!

We have completed building our new website for this year. Our website is almost as fresh as our cakes!

Please email us at with any feedback or issues you experience on the website.

Thank You!

Wake Forest University